Happy Golfing from Craig Lockwood based at Forrester Park Golf Club.
Golf is the only game in the world where you have to make the same movement over and over again as consistently as possible. I was very surprised through recent talks with some members here at Forrester Park that not many people play with the same golf ball throughout a round let alone a month’s golf. How can you be consistent if your equipment keeps changing?
I understand that money is an issue when you’re not quite playing to your full potential. (And believe me I can relate to you), it doesn’t hurt your wallet as much when you hit a 50p lake ball back to its rightful place in the pond on the first. Than it does to painfully watch your £3.50 Pro V1 you marked with your Sharpie pen sink slowly to the dark deeps of its watery grave.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to go and buy the top of the range balls, but what I am saying is find a ball that is correct for your swing speed and ball flight and stick to that golf ball, until your ability progresses and you change to a new ball that suits your new style of play.
There are plenty of balls on the market, I have given a detailed description of the Titleist range of balls and also shown other makes and balls that full into the same bracket. I hope this helps.

Titleist Pro v1 (top of the range)
This is a top of the range ball that offers distance and durability alike, and now also delivers increased spin control with a more consistent flight. This is an advanced golf ball that creates slightly more spin than its sister ball the Pro V1x. The Pro V1 should be used for players with good club head speed of 90 M.P.H plus with the driver and who are looking for professional control. If a player hits a low penetrating flight and wants to see it fly higher use the Pro V1.

Enjoy your Golf,

Forrester Park Golf and Country Club