Putting with your eyes wide shut!!!
By Craig Lockwood at the Wolfrace Golf Academy based at Forrester Park Golf and Country Club.
Justin Rose has had his fair share of putting troubles over recent years and has tried many different techniques to improve his distance control on the greens. He put into practice at the Bay Hill Invitational putting with his EYES SHUT, yes you read the right, his eyes shut. He was not just shutting his eyes and praying for it to go in, but was actually making a more accurate judgment and was putting considerably better.
The reason behind this is to do with your senses. When we putt we use two, sight and touch. When you take away your sense of sight, your sense of touch is greatly improved. It is our sense of touch that we must rely on to control the speed of our putts.
The Drill
1. Make your practice putts with your eyes open looking at the hole.
2. Shut your eyes and imagine how far the hole is away.
3. Continue your practice putts with your eyes closed, feel the putting moving back and through for the putt you are faced with and feel the rhythm of the putter.
4. Open your eyes, line yourself to the target.
5. Shut your eyes and hit the putt.
Continued development
Once you have hit the putt, keep your eyes closed and guess if you think you have hit it too hard, too soft or just right.
You will surprise yourself because this really does work, head to our putting green and give it a go.

For more help and advice please do not hesitate to contact me at Forrester Park Golf Club.Enjoy your Golf,