Hi Golfers my name is Craig
Lockwood I am Head Professional at Forrester Park Golf and Country Club in
Maldon, Essex. Over the past few weeks we have been talking about sloping lies
and have discussed in detail the uphill and downhill lies. This week’s topic is
side hill lie- Ball Above your feet.

 Ball above feet- Predominant ball flight

This shot will have a
tendency to curve to the left through the air for a right hander and right for
a left hander. This because of two factors:-

1)    Because the ball is above our feet we hit shots almost
like a baseball batsman, on a flatter swing arc causing the hands to become
more active during the swing resulting to a closed clubface.

2)    Because of Face Plane Tilt. Even through the leading
edge of the club may point at the target because of the lie angle and loft on
the club the clubface points left of the target.



Right Hander: Aim Further
RIGHT of the target.

Left Hander: Aim further LEFT
of the target.


Set up

 The first thing I must do is move my hands further down the grip; this will allow me to have much great control over the club during my swing. I will also have a slightly wider stance than usual to give me a solid foundation to swing around and to give me more stability. Due to the slope, my body/ spine angle is forced into a more upright position than from a level lie. This upright position will give my swing the sensation of being a more rounded motion, very similar to a baseball batsman. Due to the affect gravity will have on my body during my swing, I need to place more weight on to the toes of my feet as gravity will try to pull me away from the slope causing me to lose my balance towards my heels.

In swing

The key to playing all awkward lies is to never try to hit the golf ball too far, swing well within your limits at a ¾ length and ¾ pace of swing. This will allow you to keep your balance better on uneven lies and thus improving your chances of striking the ball




  1. Use the same club for the distance off a level lie.


  1. Aim correctly- Right handed aim further right, left
    handed aim further left.


  1. Grip down the club.


  1. I have a wider base- Perfect balance at the start of
    my swing sets up for perfect balance through the swing


  1. Ball position central in your stance.


  1. More upright spine angle = A more rounded swing.


  1. Weight favouring the toes of the feet.




Happy Golfing