Hi Golfers my name is Craig Lockwood I am Head Professional at Forrester Park Golf and Country Club in Maldon, over the next few weeks I will talk you through the processes of awkward lies. Unfortunately when we play golf it is a rarity that we are face with an iron flat lie where your feet and golf ball are level. Knowing how to adapt to these shots is a priceless weapon to your artillery. We must learn and understand the changes we must make in our set up and swing to allow us to play these tough shots more consistently. The shot I will discuss this week is an UPHILL lie.
The key to playing all awkward lies is to never try to hit the golf ball too far, swing well within your limits at a ¾ length and ¾ pace of swing. This will allow you to keep your balance better on uneven lies and thus improving your striking.


This shot will have a tendency for the ball to flight right to left through the air for a right handed golfer, and left to right for a left hander this is because the hands become too active through impact closing the clubface. It will also fly higher than normal due to the launch angle of the uphill lie, so an extra club or two will be needed depending on the severity of slope.
R/H- aim right of intended target
L/H- aim left of intended target.

Set Up

We must make a few changes in our set up that will allow us to hit the golf ball cleanly. We must re-create the same posture as if we were playing from a level lie.
A good set up, this position is creating the same posture as we would do from a level lie. We can see with the use of the club across my shoulders that they match the angle of the slope. This will allow the swing to work more consistently because we have our body in a position it is accustom too, from a flat lie. I have also placed more weight onto my right leg to help my overall balance during the swing.
Figure 2 below is a common fault of many amateur golfers where too much weight is favouring the front foot and shoulder level does not match the angle of the slope this can produce inconsistencies in ball striking.


A full set up position; I have a wider than shoulder width stance to help my balance throughout the swing. I also have the ball positioned centred in my stance which is a balls width further back in my stance to aid a downward strike on the ball. Lastly as spoken about above my shoulders match the angle of the slope.

Recap Uphill lie
~ Aim Right for R/H or Left for L/H.
~ Club Up- more club
~ Create the same posture as a level lie, shoulders parallel to the slope.
~ Weight on the back foot.
~Ball position centred in stance.
~ Swing within your limits.