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Tip 2..98.6% of golfers aim incorrectlyBy Craig Lockwood Golf Professional at Forrester Park Golf Club and The Wolfrace Golf Academy.
Aiming may sound straight forward but I have lost count of how many golfers don’t aim properly when they play or practice. Everyone understands the principle of aiming but not everyone aligns correctly to their target. When playing golf it is harder to aim than other sports, because you stand side on to a target and your view of the club face and target changes. When playing snooker for example you look straight down the line of the cue and aiming becomes easier.
Amazingly 98.6% of golfers mis-align when they putt! Although golfers are constantly working on their technique, did you actually miss the putt because of poor aim or technique???
The Cure
Aiming is broken into two categories. Clubface aim and body aim. Clubface aim should always be addressed first with the use of an intermediate target.
1. Stand behind the ball in line with your target.
2. Pick a point on the floor a yard in front of your golf ball along the line you wish the ball to travel; this is your intermediate target. (see picture below)
3. Align the clubface directly at the intermediate target with your feet together.
4. Open your stance, Toes, hips and shoulders must all run parallel to this target (see picture below)
5. Make your normal positive swing.
I no hitting the ball is the fun part but take some extra time to align yourself and you will play better shots.
This process should be done when practicing and playing. Try it on our range, get some balls and flow the steps.

Until the next time,

Craig at The Wolfrace Golf Academy based at Forrester Park Golf and Country Club.



Practice with a purpose

Practice with a Purpose, how many of you do?
Happy Golfing from Craig Lockwood Golf Pro at Forrester Park Golf Club.Tip 1.
Out of 50 balls hit on the range why, is the last golf ball the worst shot of the day!! Even though the last 49 shots were flushed straight at the target????
The reason why is pressure, the 49 balls hit previously were hit solidly because you have the comfort of another chance, you are relaxed, swinging freely and get into a rhythm using the same club. The 50th golf ball you hit on the range is the same as being out on the course, you have one chance and one shot to hit the best possible shot. However this time you are tense and anxious about your last shot being a good one, “I want to leave on a good one”
The Tip
All too often, many of us get 50 balls head down to the range and fire through them like machine guns with absolutely no plan of attack. We then stand there and smash the same club time after time with limited carryover to the course.
Your practice sessions must match the processes on the course. Make sure each shot hit on the range is like being on the course. Play your course on the range.
1. Picture in your mind playing the first 9 holes of Forrester Park.
2. 1st hole, use a driver to tee off with.
3. Followed by a fairway wood to advance the ball.
4. Followed by an iron approach.
5. Then a pitch or chip.
6. Move onto the next hole.
Get some balls from the bar and head down to the range.

Good luck, and happy golfing,

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